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S’inventer autrement

On the occasion of Sylvie Blocher's exhibition, Mudam is publishing an exhibition catalogue that explores the displayed artworks from different points of view. An introductory text by Enrico Lunghi, curator of the exhibition, explores the origins of the project and the artist’s recent artworks, shown for the first time at Mudam. There are also two previously unpublished texts by philosopher and sociologist Geoffrey de Lagasnerie and art critic and curator Chantal Pontbriand, addressing themes that are central to Sylvie Blocher’s practice, such as release, utopia, identity, the relationship with the participants and “Living Pictures”. A wide-ranging interview with the artist, undertaken specifically for the exhibition by Vincent Crapon and Christophe Gallois on the participatory project Dreams Have a Language, completes the theoretical part of the publication. The text is broken up by various iconographic sections accompanied by observations by the artist, presenting a visual journey through the exhibition.

Sylvie Blocher. S’inventer autrement
ISBN 978-2-919923-43-4

Writers: Sylvie Blocher, Vincent Crapon, Christophe Gallois, Geoffroy de Lagasnerie, Enrico Lunghi, Chantal Pontbriand
Graphics: Florence Richard

Dreams Have a Language

At the end of 2016, Mudam and Tarantula Luxembourg will jointly publish a second edition specifically devoted to Dreams Have a Language. Richly illustrated and annotated, this publication will address the project from various angles including the participatory artwork, the video installation and the film directed by Donato Rotunno and Sylvie Blocher. 

Sylvie Blocher: Living Pictures / The Witnesses, 2010. Video installation
29 min., HD no sound. Video filmed with 81 teenagers from the slums of Cidade Tiradentes, Sao Paulo, Brazil © Video stills: Sylvie Blocher