Dreams Have a Language

"It's the story of a museum in Luxembourg where visitors don’t just politely gaze at artworks but decide on a whim to test, for a few minutes, detachment from the world: a screened trip, fragmented bodies, floating. Then a film, the beginning of another story." Sylvie Blocher

Film Premiere at Mudam

28/09/2016 8.30pm
at Mudam Auditorium

The installation Dreams Have a Language, presented at the Grand Hall of Mudam Luxembourg in 2014-2015, is the point of departure for a film collaboration between the French artist Sylvie Blocher and the Luxembourg film director Donato Rotunno. Joining a documentary approach with fiction, the film provides “an assemblage of stories, gestures, moments that open up an imaginary setting, an expectation, a suspense.” 


Language: FR
Subtitles: EN
Duration: 46 min.

Directors: Sylvie Blocher and Donato Rotunno
Cinematography: Félix Sorger
Sound: Marc Thill and Thomas Gastinel
Flying machine:  Yves Barta (Fantasmagorie)
Installation capture:  Riccardo Besantini, Olivier Koos (Chromatik)
Technical director / Broadcast unit manager:  Jean-Luc Ciber
Broadcast unit assistant: Dominik Dusek
Original score: Kyan Bayani-Keyrani
Editing:  Félix Sorger
Produced by:  Elise André (Tarantula Luxembourg)
With the support of: Fonds national de soutien à la production audiovisuelle du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg